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autoreflexion des mediums

michael takezo chinen verwandelt den memory-zustand eines programms in klang.
hier sind ein paar projekte:

FuckingAudacity: audacity spielt sich selbst ab:

Audacity GUI performance from Michael Takezo Chinen on Vimeo.

und ein text von michael takezo dazu:

Audacity is an open source sound editor. I modified the code so that the sound playback depends upon the physical memory state of the program. Because the memory is dependent upon the user interaction, the user interface (buttons, menus, etc) as well as the structure of user-driven processes (effects, importing files, etc) become a part of the sonification process. The noisy quality of the sound is due to the fact that chunks of uninitialized memory are continuously sent to the audio output.

FuckingWebBrowser: klingt „das innere“ des webbrowsers:

FuckingWebBrowser sonification demo
from Michael Takezo Chinen on Vimeo.

FuckingWebBrowser is a simple open-source WebKit based browser (for which there are thousands of tutorials on how to make in less than 2 minutes on a mac.) I added sonification, which converts the memory state into audio. The quality of sound is noise, but an overall structure is recognizable due to changes in the user interface (while the images load, while I mouse over/scroll, etc), which directly affect computer memory. From 5’30“ on there is a preview of a tool codenamed FuckingFucker, which can attach to any process using its PID or BSD name and sonify a dissasembly of the process’s instructions at runtime (eg. and read the registers on the cpu). In this video FuckingFucker is attached to FuckingWebBrowser providing a double sonification.